Ostannya Barykada

Sam’s Steak House Prime




Mur Mur

We made Mur Mur as cozy home, it is like when you visited me and I made a party. You can go on a balcony to smoke or sit on a terrace or see the show of the open kitchen and enjoy the dishes from the chef.

Chicken Kyiv

The interior of the restaurant Chicken Kyiv is made in the style of the 70s, having absorbed the best developments of this time.
The restaurant’s premises consist of two floors and a mezzanine, as well as an open terrace.


Interior Chang is made in a modern style using traditional elements characteristic of Vietnam.


Modern Georgian cousine

Momo Kyiv

Tin Tin

Vietnamese restaurant in Kyiv


Fish House

Café l’Etage

Interior Café l’Etage is made in the style of French restaurants with their inherent combination of simplicity and sophistication.


Bar 22

Speakeasy bar in Kyiv


Wine bar


House in Spain

Milan Expo

Interior Mebel 2017

Interior Mebel 2018

Art Space Kyiv

KIFF 2017

Recreational Complex Odessa

Hotel Georgia

Container Disco Restaurant

Roslavuchi Complex

Сontemporary Art Museum Kyiv

Restaurant and hotel complex Kiylov

Loft living hub