type: Mediterranean cuisine restaurant
location: Kyiv, Ukraine
area: 238 m2
status: built (2022)
team: Oleg Volosovskiy, Alisiia Chudinova, Denis Chudinov, Julia Klimenko, Slava Kvitka
photo credits: Serhii Polyushko

The restaurant is located in one of the central districts of Kyiv, among busy traffic routes.

The main idea is to create the atmosphere of a Mediterranean town. To take the visitor away from the city’s hectic life for a leisurely visit, immersing himself in the atmosphere of a small port, with the opportunity to dive into the depths of the sea. Here you can warm up in the warm company of close friends, share a delicious dinner, soak up the blueness of the waves and emerge refreshed in anticipation of the next visit to the port.

The complex shape of the restaurant premises immediately suggested the motive of the future design – two halls, like the bays of a port city, flow into each other. They are united by a fish market with a fresh catch just under the sail of fishermen and completed by a summer terrace – an exit from the port to the city. And there is nothing better in the traditions of the Mediterranean than combining fresh fish with a family winery.

The interior is soaked in deep sea blue with bright snow-white accents: sails and tablecloths. In addition, many details create the atmosphere of the port.

Jellyfish lamps slowly float above the bar against the background of the rusty ship, waiting for guests.

A wall with an image of the terrible lord of the seas, the whale from Konrad von Gesner’s “Animal History”. It was tamed to protect the exquisite treasures of our restaurant – a collection of bottles of selected wine, which, according to legend, is created in the nearby hills.

On the ceiling connecting both halls, sea waves sway in smooth curves, playing with rays of warmth, like sunlight from many light bulbs, twist into a vortex, drawing the visitor to explore the entire space, explore both halls.

Rope columns – carefully stacked gear, without which the life of the port is impossible, attract attention with the skill of their execution.

A communal table resting on a coral reef is for a large team that came to town to celebrate a successful trip loudly. Behind them is a wine cabinet with a shimmering surface of mesh facades.

We have created a cosy corner for a family that wants to be alone in the company of goldfish, make a wish and get pleasure from the evening – visual and taste.

Interior details are not immediately revealed even to a curious visitor, and the immeasurable depth of flavours calls to return again and again.