Mur Mur


Oleg Volosovsky, the owner of design company Loft Buro told about how was created his idea:

“Fundamental thing is the loft style. It takes Mexican, Central Asian, Indochina, Japanese styles. Therefore in our Mur Mur you can see smth from Paris spirit, Mexico and Latin America at the same time.

We made Mur Mur as cozy home, it is like when you visited me and I made a party. You can go on a balcony to smoke or sit on a terrace or see the show of the open kitchen and enjoy the dishes from the chef.

Then you go on the 8th floor and get to the hall. The hall is already not just entrance group, is already a part of a show! It is a round tower with beautiful city view.

The bar area, zone of restaurant, are combined with a zone where is piano and the DJ area. There is not only the professional equipment, there still a record collection, the whole record library so lovely collected is gathered at your place. You come to play as DJ and you already have a collection”.