location: 15 Reytars’ka st., Kyiv, Ukraine
area: -1 floor / 95 m2
completed: 2021
team: Oleg Volosovskiy, Slava Kvitka, Natalya Galtseva
photo credits: Dmytro Adamov

The gastro market “Reytars’ka Circle” is a new point of attraction for Kyiv. A modern touch in the architecture and interior of Art Nouveau of the 80s of the last century.

This cylindrical building was built in 1987 on Reytars’ka Street, in a complex with a polyclinic. In the 2000s, it turned into a spa. In 2020, after the appearance of an investor, the building received a new breath, new facades, function and a circle of visitors.

Three business residents Viktor Shramenko and Ksenia Poltavets (Fresh Black and Nisha Deli), Viktor Oleinikov and Sergey Pilipenko (Roots wine store), and Sofia Terebova (March & Co) asked to create a single space with a friendly atmosphere. At the same time, without deviating from the basic concept of the Reytars’ka Circle complex.

So we got down to planning and design minus the first floor. The already existing small area around the tree received the function of a “common zone” with the task of integrating into the technological process of the other three business residents. 3 types of landing for 45 seats made of stainless steel, plywood and metal. 2 kinds of specially designed chairs. A labyrinth of flowing radial transits boldly united the establishment’s employees and guests. No barriers or restrictions.

The main and most unexpected dominant of the space is the pool. When we arrived at the facility, valuable space was already resting under a fresh concrete slab. Oleg Volosovskiy inspired the idea to bring him back to life, giving him an unexpected function – a coffee roasting theatre! The slab above the pool was opened, turning it into a space with two plantings, a finished goods warehouse and a two-level rack for a roaster roasting coffee beans.

A huge cone-shaped crystal chandelier, directed from the ceiling to the centre of the “theatre”, creates a sense of the monumentality of the establishment, enhancing the effect of the vertical space.

Coffee and wine bars have become two other accents of the space. A compact bathroom is located under the stairs, a visit to which will remind the guest of a flight on an aeroplane.

A bright accent of the location is an art gallery with paintings from the private collection of Oleg Volosovskiy. Artist: Evgeny Klymenko

The project was completed in 1 month.