type: restaurant
location: Kyiv, Ukraine
area: 600 m2
status: built (2017)
architect: Oleg Volosovskiy
photo credits: Andrey Avdeenko

“Art with no barriers”. Beyond the windows, panoramic views of the city of Kyiv, with its golden domes and eclectic architecture, the indelible sign of the passage of time and history inside, a unique and luxurious contemporary restaurant with a hint of Orient.

On the eighth floor of a tower, Mur Mur was designed by the Loft Buro studio, which has reinvented the concept of the restaurant, transforming it into a friendly, welcoming space where everyone feels at home. Soft lighting, the predominant use of precious colours such as gold, amber, turquoise and cobalt blue, the velvet of the armchairs, the plants and curtains, – everything helps recreate a sense of elegance and warmth.

As well as enjoying spectacular views, guests will be entertained by show cooking displays, before savouring the dishes prepared by the resident chef.

There’s also a piano area and DJ console, featuring a unique vinyl LP collection, just you’d expect at home.
The metropolitan loft-style atmosphere is further highlighted by the loft buro’s decision to mix contrasting ideas from different geographical provenances. The style choices are adopted show influences from Mexico, Central Asia, Indo-China and Japan, as well as typically European features. Guests of Mur Mur should get the impression they are in Paris, Mexico or Latin America all at the same time.

With its cosmopolitan air but traditional nature, it’s the ideal place to take time out and enjoy a drink at the end of the day or meet up with friends over a glass of wine and stay on for dinner.