type: living module
team: Oleg Volosovskyi, Yulia Klimenko, Marina Lozneva, Slava Kvitka is a social project dedicated to temporary accommodation for displaced people. The modules have elaborated with the flexibility to different spaces and various plannings. Comfort, ergonomics, and functionality are the driving points.

The concept behind the modules is to organize a personalized living space with full configuration options for comfort.

A sealed closet, drawers under the bed, and shelves, one of which may be used as a desk, are all included in the module.

The module has built-in sockets and lighting. Textile curtains or roller shutters enclose the housing capsule.

Metal constructions with powder coating are swiftly prefabricated. Powder-coated metal structures are quickly assembled. This will assure operational stability and durability, as well as the capacity to relocate or reconfigure the system. The bed is designed to match a mattress with a standard size 900×2000 mm.

One more option is a module construction made of wood. Drawings and technical documentation are provided by loft buro.

It is relevant to arrange residential modules in youth hostels, residential hubs, and alternatively, in the temporary resettlement of people in an emergency.