type: restaurant
location: Kyiv, Ukraine
area: 340 m2
status: built (2017)
team: Oleg Volosovskiy, Roman Garbuzyuk, Svetlana Titorenko, Marina Lozneva, Asya Volynets
photo credits: Andrey Avdeenko

This project is a tribute to the history of Kyiv. The Chicken Kyiv name means a favorite meal, was created in Kyiv in 1947 and is well known worldwide. For many decades it has been a gastronomic business card of the Ukrainian capital.

The Chicken Kyiv Restaurant space is developed on two levels, a mezzanine, terrace, and a “hidden room.” It is inspired by a 60s-70s atmosphere, which recalls shapes, colors, and styles. Several details reflect the history of Kyiv and are easily recognizable by local visitors. Starting from the lamps, quotation of the historical ones located in the subway, enriched and decorated according to the style of that time, until ceiling stucco; from lead glass windows to delicate chestnut leaves, city symbol, impressed on tapestries.

The true distinctive sign of the restaurant is, though (and it couldn’t be differently considering its name), the funny cock clock that overlooks the room renewing and modifying the traditional cuckoo clock. It sings each hour, passing the time. A funny choice but certainly not conventional!

Partitions and sculptures recall Kyiv’s past with references to the great architect Gorodetsky and his obsession with hunting. His masterpiece of Building with Chimeras has inspired the creation of the “Hidden space” of the Chicken Kyiv restaurant. Room, where you can get only throw a wardrobe door.

The statues of a gargoyle are somewhat unusual: it is an allusion to the cock with various transformations, created in constructivism and art deco style.

Two restrooms also have an exclusive design: the image reminds illustrative examples of the space. After all, the 60-70th were the time of space conquest and the first Human flight there. The combination of the past with contemporary details, like mirrors, and smooth shapes which intersect each other, all seem like a spacecraft.
In loft buro’s mind, the general atmosphere reminds the delicate interiors of a “salon,” a private club where Ukrainian intelligentsia used to meet during Soviet Union time. That is why the entrance is almost hidden behind an invisible door close to the wardrobe.

With quotations, lights, memories, and tributes, attention is paid to storytelling, which is one of the main aspects of an architect’s creative activity.

All furniture, partitions, sculptures, and lights have been designed explicitly by Loft Buro for this interior.