type: modular houses
status: preliminary design (2022)
team: Oleg Volosovskiy, Julia Klimenko, Vira Zinchenko
partners: Module House

CAMPUS is a project of energy-efficient modular houses with residential modules inside for the rapid resettlement of people left without housing. The logical continuation of our project motivated us to continue working in this direction.

Advantages of CAMPUS modular houses:

– the production time in the workshop is only two months in the absence of significant project modifications. Moreover, the modules will be delivered to the site, wholly ready and assembled in 2 to 5 days.

– the strength of such a frame allows you to transport modules with installed windows, interior, and exterior finishes, built-in furniture, and engineering.

– The house’s walls, floor, and ceiling form energy-efficient sandwich panels, consisting of environmentally friendly OSB panels. Glued laminated timber and sandwich panels provide a robust and self-supporting frame that is resistant to deformation.

– inside the house, you can install our modules for temporary housing “”

– the possibility of transforming houses for further operation (including using modules for hostels, children’s camps, etc.).

– all stages: from production and installation to site preparation and direct installation of a modular house – on our responsibility.